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Random acts kindness was our theme this year, and rum cakes proved to make recipients very happy 🙂

Always “Believe” in He, who is the reason for the season.

Red and White Hydrangea, also a theme this year.  Such an elegant was to dress up a stair case…

Loved the Hydrangea with velvety red ribbon around the tree…so simple, yet so elegant and striking.

For a more dramatic look, try black velvety ribbon along with red ribbon, accented with red and white hydrangea.

Investing (try to get them 1/2 off at the end of the season!) in a couple oversized, dramatic ornaments can really brighten up a chandelier.

  Door decorations are always a must!  Great rich-red ribbon always looks festive!  And if you find any red flowers (pointsettia, hydrangea, roses, etc.) feel free to add them into the mix.  It will be gorgeous!

Check out these fabulous GINGERBREAD CREATIONS submitted to the Discovery Science Center this past year! 


Can’t wait until December!