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Again, thank you Ina Garten, for your wonderful recipe in your “Barefoot In Paris” cookbook for Lemon Chicken (with Croutons)!

I woke up early this morning to have some quiet time, then ease into the morning by making the boys’ lunches.  I, again, made a mess of the kitchen (but boy will they be happy looking in their lunch bags today!) 🙂 and my refrigerator was full from my Costco run yesterday.  I pulled a chicken out, with Melida Lee in mind (from the radio) who make a “Blasted Chicken” which sounded pretty good and basic (450 degrees, 3 lb chicken, salt & pepper, in for 45 minutes, and wala!).  Ina, on the other hand, has a Lemon Chicken with Crouton recipe that I chose to make (425 degrees, onions and lemons, salt & pepper).  Easy.  And my house smelled fabulous by the time a friend arrived at 9:00am!  (I always like to have the house smell good.)  And, wala, 1/2 of dinner is made! 

By the way, I didn’t make the croutons.  As Edna Mo from the “Incredibles” says, “Don’t make me fat, darhling.”