Football Game Day Recipe

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Recipes, Recipes - Football
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FOOTBALL – GAME DAY RECIPEThe following recipe has been tested and can provide a great check list on hectic game days…

Day B4 Game Day:– 1 Player’s Sport Bag
– 1 Helmet & 1 Mouth Guard
– 1 Shoulder Pad
– 1 pair Padded Pants (in some cases, after you wash the pants, you’ll need your boy to insert the 7 pads.  This takes a little time.)
– 1 Belt
– 1 pair Game Socks
– 1 pair Cleats (you may say “duh”, but trust me, they’ve been forgotten and it can turn a fun morning U-G-L-Y.)
– 2 Game Jerseys
– Throw in an extra TShirt & Shorts & Flip Flops
– Cup – “now this ain’t no Dixie Cup, and you sure don’t want to drink out of it!”
– Cell Phones (charged)
– Directions to game! Print them out now!  Nothing more frustrating than being lost in a town you’re not familiar with!
– Team Roster ( in case you do get lost, call someone for guidance!  And always be prepared to help someone else if they call!  Peace. Love. Kumbayah.)
– Video camera
– Food & Water
– Cash for Snack Shack (always a must, especially if you have little ones)
– Player’s Jug of Water
– Ice in a Chest
– Black Eye Patches (to be applied on upper cheek bone)
– Aloe Vera Wipes (transform sweaty boy to fresh!)
– First Aid Kit (always a good idea to have in the car) & Extra Waters (just always a good idea)
– Family Spirit Wear (tshirts/sweatshirt/hat for sun protection, etc)
– Secret Ingredient: Wart Band Aides (Serves 2 purposes:  works on those annoying, gross warts AND makes your kid look tougher :). Ew, I know, but it’s a reality for anyone with sporty kids

– 1 Football (of course)
– Spectator Chair(s)
– Easy Up
– Sunscreen
– Younger sibling snacks and toys
– Blanket
– Gas in the car (the caravan won’t wait for you)
– Car Paint to decorate your car with your team logo ( it’s always fun to create a party around this)
– Home Made Rah-Rah Signs
– Another Secret Ingedient:  Freeze a couple Towels for your Player – trust me, they will LOVE you for it during the game when they are exhausted and hot!

– Check emails for any last communications from coaches or team momsNight B4 Game Day:
– No Sleepovers
– “Family Movie Night” (preferably “Grid Iron Gang”, “Game Plan”, or “Rudy”)
– Team Dinner (examples of menus coming soon)
– or Family Dinner involving Roasted Chicken/ BBQ Steak and a Pasta dish and Salad – see Recipes
– Player to drink lots of water (no sodas or energy drinks!!)

To make this Recipe tastier and more memorable, don’t forget:
– your camera/video camera

– to be respectful to each other
– to be willing to volunteer or help out where needed
– keep the field clean of trash (pick up someone else’s, in case they haven’t read this.  Doing a little extra clean up in this world is good for the soul.)
– to be grateful to the Head Coach Upstairs as well as your earthly coaches on the field.Now, Go, Fight, Win !!!!

Note:  Looking back at this huge list, it’s amazing we all still play football!  Once you’re in your groove, the season will be over.  EnJOY your boy and every moment!  It goes by quickly!

                   Now, I know I forgot SOMETHING….
  1. Michelle says:

    U r awesome!!

  2. Lisa Wittenberg says:

    I love this list!!!! You’ll have to explain the wart band aides tho. This, I don’t get! LOL!

  3. Darcey Hartigan says:

    Aloe wipes…that cracked me up. See you in the am 🙂 Go Titans!!!
    PS You forgot to mention no sunburns the day of or day before the game LOL

    • dinendesign says:

      Your poor son had to learn this lesson the hard way, but thank you for sharing so we can be careful of painful SUN BURNS! What a nightmare for our little players to enjoy a day at the pool or beach and get sun burnt! There’s nothing worse, as you shared, than having your player man-up and put tough shoulder pads on tender, red, sensitive shoulders. Ouch!

      Lesson Learned: Always and everywhere, bring and apply sunscreen every couple hours!

  4. dinendesign says:

    Suggestion: At the game last weekend, a mom, looking over this list, suggested printing up a check-off list for our kids (and ourselves) and tie it to their bag. This encourages they boys’ responsibility, eliviates much frustration, and give us moms peace of mind knowing that we have everything at practice/game time. Great idea!

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