Happy Boeuf Bourguignon!

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Cooking at Home

I’m going to start off with sharing the wonderful experience of making Ina Garten’s version of hearty Boeuf Bourguignon from her “Barefoot In Paris” cookbook.  I learned that not only was Ina and her husband, Jeffrey, government workers (like Julia Childs and her husband, AND Julie from the movie “Julie and Julia”) who couldn’t wait to get home and cook French food, but I also learned how therapeutic cooking really can be.  Truly it can be a chore or very good for the soul – I pray you feel the latter.  

Ina said,

 “I never really liked beef bourguignon.  After cooking for three hours, the meat was stringy and dry and the vegetables were overcooked.  So, I tried to solve the problem and came up with a delicious stew that cooks in an hour and a half.  The good news is that it’s even better the second day, so it’s great for entertaining.”

I appreciate Ina’s changes to her recipe, because last night, it turned out FABULOUS! 

At the Dinner Table, my boys, instead of using tasty, fresh, “country bread” (as Ina calls it), they preferred cheap, white hamburger buns from Costco.  One kid just ate the bread.  My husband appreciated it, at least I think he did, because I did notice the kick under the table to the boys knees, to which they all exclaimed at the same time, “Yeah, Mom, this is good/really good/amazing/yeah/yeah/blah/blah.”  What is it with kids taste buds.  Are they so used to American processed crap that they don’t appreciate real flavor?!?!?  Sheesh…

Always Share:  I have the perfect family in mind who will benefit from the second-day flavor absorption.  I’m going to buy some fresh “country bread” for them, make a nice salad and let them heat-up bowls of Beouf Bourguignon.  I still have some extra thyme leaves… I want to make it again!  Maybe for the football crowd on my couch on Sunday…

Ina, I appreciate it and I know my friends will too!  🙂  Check out Ina’s “Barefoot In Paris” cookbook or see one of her segments on the Food Network.

Let me know your experience!

Bon Apetit!

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